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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that provides the tools and capabilities needed to create and easily maintain a clear picture of customers, from first contact through to purchase and post-sales. With modules for sales, marketing, and customer service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers a fast, flexible, and affordable solution that drives consistent, measurable improvements in every business process, enabling closer relationships with customers and helping to achieve new levels of profitability.

Even for companies with the most complex of sales processes, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides easy-to-use features and capabilities to help improve the way sales and marketing organizations target new customers, manage marketing campaigns, and drive sales activities. Here's how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your employees make better business decisions and get a clearer view of your customers.


Works the way you do

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the fastest and easiest way to add CRM capabilities to any organization that uses Microsoft Office system applications, including Microsoft Office Outlook. Because it was designed to partner with Office Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers lower training costs, broader user adoption, less application-switching, higher productivity, and a fast return on investment.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives your employees direct access to customer information through Office Outlook, enabling access to the information they need whether in the office or on the road. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers:

  • Tight integration with the Microsoft Office system and Office Outlook, allowing employees to easily pull information from Microsoft Dynamics CRM into Office system applications such as Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet software and Microsoft Office Word word processing software.
  • Quick and easy access to your data through context-sensitive information for populating forms or taking next steps without changing screens.
  • Customized workspaces that allow users to create, save, and reuse favorite views of customer data without the distraction of unneeded information.
  • Service Calendar that allows service schedulers and dispatchers to schedule activities by resource, time, or service.
  • Powerful reporting and analysis tools that make it easy to identify opportunities and problems at a glance.
  • Great mobile support that helps enable field workers to get instant access to customer data from most popular portable devices including mobile phones with Web browsers, and laptops.


Works the way your business does

Microsoft Dynamics CRM not only slips right into your employees' lives without disruption, it also adapts easily to your existing business workflow and processes. You or your information technology (IT) partner can quickly modify application forms, data fields, and relationships and add new activities and objects without writing a single line of code. This makes it easy to tailor Microsoft Dynamics CRM to suit your needs and fit your business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM features several workflow innovations that speed use, including next-step suggestions and automatic task assignment. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also includes capabilities such as:

  • A new marketing automation module that makes it easy to build customer or lead lists, create targeted marketing campaigns, track the progress of those campaigns, and follow up on campaigns.
  • Quick Campaign wizard that allows marketers and salespeople to send out e-mail blasts to targeted lists and track responses.
  • Service scheduling that allows you to centrally manage all aspects of a service request, from logging and dispatching to tracking and follow-up.
  • Easy customization of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to your business workflow by adding custom objects and activities, designing custom views for different users, and building business logic into the CRM. This enables Microsoft Dynamics CRM to automate repetitive tasks, tells users next steps, sends e-mail messages, and raises alerts for open items—so nothing falls through the cracks, giving your customers a better experience.
  • Flexible reporting that enables managers to easily see how your business is doing—CRM data can be transferred into Microsoft Office Excel for analysis or into Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server for updating executive dashboards or collaborating on customer-related documents.


Works the way technology should

Microsoft Dynamics CRM works the way your IT staff wants it to because it's based on proven, industry-standard Microsoft technology that's easy to learn and work with. You'll enjoy a rapid, low-cost deployment; low support costs; and easy scalability as your business grows. IT-friendly features include:

  • Easy to modify forms, data fields, and information relationships so that users can get the customized information they need.
  • Streamlined installation with diagnostic tools that reduce setup time and help ensure a successful deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Fast data searches across large volumes of customer data that help users find the information they need.
  • Easy to use step-by-step Microsoft Exchange Connector Deployment Wizard that simplifies Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration with Microsoft Exchange and Office Outlook.
  • Simple and fast connectivity to external data sources that gives users access to relevant information.
  • Advanced management and notification tools that are centralized and give the IT staff the right information to manage a CRM system.

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