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Microsoft Dynamics SL

Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) is designed to meet the specific business management needs of project, service, and distribution-driven organisations. Ideal for small and mid-size companies who need to integrate with other systems and serve customers better, Microsoft Dynamics SL helps to automate everyday processes and improve business operations.

Microsoft Dynamics SL includes applications for financial management, project management and accounting, distribution, field service, payroll, e-business, and more. By integrating project accounting and financial management into a single system, Microsoft Dynamics SL simplifies business workflow. Employees can manage account data for projects more efficiently. They can also make the best use of available resources by automatically assigning them to tasks.

When combined with Microsoft SQL Server technologies, Microsoft Dynamics SL also consolidates data across applications and platforms, which can then be extended into tools such as Microsoft Business Portal. With this feature, employees can access up-to-the-minute web-based reports tailored to the specific information they need, no matter where they are.

Integrated project management and accounting

In addition to providing applications for financial management, distribution, field service, payroll and e-business, Microsoft Dynamics SL helps employees manage complex accounting and project management from a single interface. For example, you can create flexible, tiered hierarchies to reflect different labour rates and billing structures on the project management side. You can then automatically allocate the appropriate charges and revenues to the general ledger.

Collaboration capability

With Microsoft Business Portal, you can deliver user-specific access to information from a single Web-based portal. Built on Microsoft .NET technologies, Microsoft Dynamics Business Portal integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics SL to deliver applications, information, and processes to employees, customers, and partners across your organisation. You can further deliver project financial status, task assignments, billings, invoices, timesheets, expense reports, and other documents through a Web browser, reducing the time required to manage these processes and eliminating paperwork and data re-entry.

Customer satisfaction

Using the integrated features of Microsoft Dynamics SL can help your company ensure customer satisfaction. The Microsoft Dynamics SL Order Management core distribution module supports a range of industries, such as distribution, service, and manufacturing, to help improve efficiency and customer service now and as your business grows.

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Microsoft Dynamics SL capabilities guide Microsoft Dynamics SL 1.57 MB


Microsoft Dynamics SL Project Management and Accounting for Construction Microsoft Dynamics SL 1.91 MB


Microsoft Dynamics SL Project Management and Accounting for Engineering Microsoft Dynamics SL 2.18 MB


Project Management and Accounting with Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Office Project Server Microsoft Dynamics SL 4.74 MB


Turn Your Business Vision into Reality with Microsoft Dynamics SL Microsoft Dynamics SL 3.9 MB